12 Walk-In Closet Ideas

It’s easy to say that every woman’s dream in a home of her own is a large closet space. But who wouldn’t want that? You know how it always seems like you don’t have what to wear anytime you want to go out? You’d constantly rummage through your things and nothing seems worth wearing. It’s probably because everything isn’t in the open. People often say that when you see everything, you’ll probably wear everything. This is only possible with the right closet. When your clothes are still in boxes, you’d probably not appreciate them enough to wear them as they would seem less and less suitable. However with them all displayed together with your shoes and bags, it’s easy to see how to successfully combine them with matching pants or bags and even jewelries. The right closet makes it a tad easier.


There were times a walk in closet was attributed to lords or very wealthy people but this is not the case anymore as anyone can neatly get themselves a walk in closet. You’d have to figure out what shape you want your closet to take. It could be a straight walk in or a U shape or even an L shape. This walk in closet is a U shape.

It serves the purpose pretty well and this is what you want. Whether with limited space or a wide one, figure out the shape you would want for your closet. 


You’d also need to know how much you intend to put in the closet so you can better know the shape you’d want to use. You’d need to add your personal touches to it just to make more appealing and attractive to anyone who walks in to your home. If you realize that you have a lot of stuff you’d need to store, you could add additional space like drawers and shelves like the one below.

These shelves and drawers are meant to help you tuck away the excess stuffs that you don’t want seen. You’d also need to choose the style you’d want your closet to adopt, you know, how you want the clothes to hang at an angle, where exactly you want your shoes, how you’d prefer your bags to sit and all of that. There are some features that are quite necessary in a walk in closet and they range from shelves for shoes and bags, drawers, perfect lighting, space for islands and benches or stoolsand other decorations. OH and don’t forget the mirrors. Sometimes you could install full body mirrors or just have your doors or closet doors mirrored. That way you wouldn’t be needing more space for them. 


You should also add what is considered an island. This is some additional storage space except it comes like drawers with a table. They are great for walk in closets because they assist you when you want to outline an outfit. Take a look at the one below. 

Lighting/ Benches

It would also beautify the closet if it had a bench, something you could sit on when trying on shoes so you won’t have to bend over so much. Apart from the fact that it adds décor, it is a utility piece of furniture. Seeing that lighting is very important, try a statement piece, something that is bold and confident like a chandelier. That would change the look of the walk in closet and definitely reflect light better like this one. 

Here are some walk in closet ideas and what makes clothes stand out spectacularly. 

 1. Lots of space

Let’s start out with a walk in closet that has quite the space. Sometimes your clothes need not be in an open space. They could be in closets like the one here but still be beautifully put together. Think of your décor too. That carpet adds a lot of drama to the space and draws the requisite attention needed. Again, with this kind of space, you’d need to have the amount of clothes and shoes to fill it in. If it’s scanty, it doesn’t just cut it so look at small spaces for fewer things. 

 2. Beautiful sitting area

In addition to a lot of space, this walk in closet has a sitting area. Apart from the one created in the middle, there is a sitting space which overlooks the window. It creates an opportunity for someone to help asses your dressing comfortably. It also has quite the ambience. The drawers are obviously taking in a lot as nothing seems out of place. The chandelier adds another touch to the closet too. 

 3. Add a theme

Your walk in closet could also have a theme. This is contemporary and modern. The all white adds a neutral background to the closet. Notice that the clothes are sorted according to colors and the shoes too. The boxes on top are an all time life saver as they always help tuck away the things you wouldn’t want to be seen in your closet. The overall ambience of this closet is cool and would definitely help you keep things collected as it would be distorted if any clothing were to be thrown around carelessly. Oh and this U shaped walk in closet affords the space to explore since there are three walls to work with. You could spread out your stuffs and not worry about clutter. 

 4. Spectacular decor

So let’s begin with the chandelier. That is an incredibly beautiful piece. It just takes the all the attention away coupled with the way the ceiling is designed. The island in the middle of the closet is just all shades of beautiful too. It is meant to be an additional storage space but it seems more like an antique or a work of art. The shelves are also neatly placed. It also has an area for makeup with mirrors and a stool too. So you certainly won’t get makeup all over your room or lose your hair brush too. You have a space designated for that. The theme here is urban and contemporary and really appeals to the eyes.

 5. Try a jewelry board

First of all, the board with all the jewelry is a major turn on. It definitely adds a lot of drama to the closet. It’s an innovative way to display jewelry and very colorful too. The perfume on the shelf and the scarf hanging across the mirror are two additions that also beautify the closet. Let’s not forget the center piece which also creates a makeup spot for the ladies. Oh, the chandelier and the lighting adds a bit of drama too. This walk in closet is a unique sample for those who don’t have so much space on their hands but still want to make it worthwhile.

 6. Use shoes as décor 

This piece is a working example of using your bags and shoes as décor. Yes it is a closet and you want to just stuff all your things in there but this glass shelf definitely makes more of it than expected. Where you have a lot of shoes and bags, you could try out a shelf of this nature and use them to decorate the closet. You could even arrange them in colors or with matching pairs side by side to create a desirable effect. This doubles as a utility piece and a décor.

 7. Add a statement rug

This is more like a straight walk in closet with the hallway effect. The clothes are placed side by side, there are drawers on each side and baskets on the top shelves. There’s also provision for the shoes. The rug in the middle adds an effect to the wooden walls and antique look of the closet. It also has a sitting area which doubles as a shelf for drawers so you don’t have to worry about putting it separately. The theme here is chic, modern and vintage too. It gives this cabin effect since the walls are all made of wood. It is elegant and different.

 8. Play with space

This walk in closet is definitely the kind that you have a whole lot of space to play with. Look at the lamp and art displayed on the left. That just sets it off on a very good foot. The floor is wooden which is elegant. The walls have obviously been painted so they can blend in with the furniture and the floor. This is a U shaped closet with a lot of walking area. It even has a bench you could use if you want to wear your shoes. The clothes are obviously color coded, the bags and shoes are shelved with of course the priceless baskets. This speaks a lot of finesse and chic.

9. Go with a base color

This L shaped walk in closet is another beautiful piece. The color background here is obviously white and all other pieces are to blend in with the white. You know how you want to furnish your home but you buy a piece of art and use it as a focal point to buy furniture? This is more like it. The white color is a baseline for all the accessories like the rug in the center of the closet, the stool on the side and of course the chandelier. The clothes are in closets with doors and everything else is shelved. It also has full size mirrors on the closet doors. The flower vase adds a lot of color to the room. This is unique and very spacious. The kind of closet that would make you try on clothes in perpetuity.

 10. Add home made décor 

There’s quite the combination on this one. There’s the rug which has patterns and adds drama, there are art pieces which further accentuate the space. The flurry chair is just comfy enough. If you have space for a stool, why not a chair or even a couch. It would make the closet a place you’d spend more time in. The ceiling though takes much of the attention. Serving as décor, the empty bottles add a different flare to the whole look. It makes it look like there’s a lot of space in the room and this is what you want. Some rugs or wall papers have the capacity to make the room look smaller, avoid those. Look for plain colored walls or rugs with the minutest amount of patterns so it all looks like there’s room when there isn’t. Use drapes too. The drapes could give you the right amount of light in the room and can also be closed to prevent your clothes from fading due to  excessive sunlight.

11. Live like a Lord

This walk in closet is mostly regal. Something you’d say for the Lords as it was previously believed. The lighting adds so much to its ambience. The theme is modern with an all white background and shelves. The all white is meant to blend in with the colors of the shoes and clothes and purses. Even the island adopts the base color. The floors are meant to create an intended contrast to the base color. 

 12. Find the perfect lighting

This is the perfect example of playing with lights. Your walk in closet should evoke whatever emotions or feelings you would want when you walk in. It should make you want to stay more. The lighting here is perfect, it gives an atmosphere that is serene and calm. The closets with clothes have their own lights just so you’re sure of what you’re taking out. There are lights on each wall and the walk in closet is just opposite the bedroom. It also has a full size mirror and a sitting area. It is cozy and looks warm. It creates the right ambience for a closet and you won’t get tired of trying on clothes in one of these. 

Whether big or small, chic, modern or vintage, walk in closets have the capacity to add elegance and finesse to the way your clothes and accessories are all put together. They create the perfect atmosphere. Do you notice how you’d always go through so much of your stuff to get out matching pairs and clothes that actually look decent? With walk ins, they’d all be displayed and you’d only need to try them on. There’s the reason why you always seem to shop for clothes, they havethem displayed so it’s hard to walk right past them.


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